"This is not only a show I would recommend to an aficionado of the circus arts, but to any connoisseur of fully realized humanity who wishes to see strength, fortitude, discipline, and artistry in abundance." - Steele Campbell, Howlround.com. Full review HERE

"HerSelfRising" is magnificent. It is inspiring and breathtaking. The talent is incredible.
-Laura Powell

"Breathtaking. I was captivated by the stories and haunted by memories of the women in my family at the same time. A must see. I can't wait to see another show and take my daughter."
-Heather Whigham
Executive Director
Mcintosh Art Association

"The performance was moving, heartfelt and intense...it kept my interest
throughout! I could relate to bits and pieces of the performances that
provoked thought and pleasant memories of the ones I love. And the
performers' strength was inspiring not only physically, but emotionally and
psychologically as well .
-Julie Dean

Explores universal themes in innovative ways.
Extremely artistic.
Comedic, heart-wrenching and everything in between.
The show takes the time to treat the subjects it explores in a meaningful way ... I hope this show gets the wide viewing that it deserves.
-Sally and Dan Coenen

Various audience members in PeƱasco, NM:
"Emotional, funny and drew you in!"
"Through story and body, something grabs the heart, not to let go."
"Teenage girls need to see this - in the front row!"

Girls on Trapeze is supported in part by the New England Center for Circus Arts.